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Do You Suffer From SOV?

Single-Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) affects many commuters in many different ways. An SOV is a privately-owned vehicle whose only occupant is the driver. If you are constantly driving alone, it may be time to seek help. Review the symptoms to see how TRAFFIX  can help you move towards a better commute.

Feeling Unappreciated

We want to reward you for your non-SOV commute. The TRAFFIX Rewards program provides discounts to area businesses when you log your trips.   Learn More.


A Fear of Being Stranded

Being left behind is a common fear for people suffering from SOV.  The Guaranteed Ride Program will help with those unexpected emergencies after arriving to work. Learn More.

Feeling Alone Around Others

With Carpool/Vanpool Ridematching, we can help you find that perfect rideshare partner. Depending on your home or work locations, we can find your rideshare match to cure your irritability.  Learn More.

Prime Parking Spot Anxiety

Finding that prime parking spot can take too long and the costs can add up quickly. Save money and choose to park at any of the local Park & Ride locations at no cost.  Learn More.