TRAFFIX is a cooperative public service, established in 1995, operated by Hampton Roads Transit, that implements Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies by offering information and services on commuting options to area commuters. TRAFFIX promotes and implements a wide variety of programs and incentives, including carpool/vanpool matching, transit information, an emergency ride home program, commuter rewards, vanpool subsidies, park and ride location information, and telework consultation. TRAFFIX works with area employers, including military, to educate, develop, and implement commuter programs for their employees. TRAFFIX is also a partner with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation in the statewide Commute!VA program.

TRAFFIX staff are employees of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT); however, funding is provided through the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO). The HRTPO has authorized annual funding for TRAFFIX through Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) and/or Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) since Fiscal Year (FY) 1995. The TRAFFIX Subcommittee oversees the program and is comprises of transportation professionals from the cities and counties in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), local transit agencies (Hampton Roads Transit, Suffolk Transit and the Williamsburg Area Transit Authority), the Virginia Department of Transportation (DRPT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), US Navy, and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT). DRPT review the progress and status of the TRAFFIX program three times per year. The TS reports to the Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC), which in turn reports to the HRTPO Board.

Mission Statement

To assist in the continued efforts to decrease traffic congestion and greenhouse emissions in southeastern Virginia by reducing the number of Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV’s) commuting to work through ridesharing. Encourage the usage of alternatives to driving such as public transportation, carpool and vanpooling, biking, walking and teleworking and the establishment of employer transportation programs and incentives.

TRAFFIX Service Area

TRAFFIX Service Map