Park & Ride

TRAFFIX, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Transportation, is constantly seeking out new locations for Park & Ride/Rideshare Parking Lots. There is no fee to park at a Park & Ride/Rideshare Parking Lot. Registration may be required.

Rideshare Parking / Park & Sail Commuter Lot Application

The following Rideshare Parking Lots require registration with TRAFFIX to participate. Upon approval of your application, you will receive a TRAFFIX Rideshare Parking Tag with your assigned commuter number within 3-5 business days. HRT/TRAFFIX and its partners are not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle or property that may occur at a Rideshare Parking Lot. Parking is available on a first come basis. HRT/TRAFFIX does not guarantee available parking at any of its Park and Ride lots. The information provided will not be given or sold to any company for solicitation and will remain the private information of HRT/TRAFFIX.

Please fill out the following required fields:

    How do you get to work? (Must use one of the following modes at least three times a week to qualify.)
    Which Parking Lot would you like to register to use?
    Personal Information
    Place of Employment
    Vehicles that may be parked in your space at any given time
    On which days will you use the lot?
    Do you participate in the TRAFFIX Rewards program?