Bike Boost Policy and Procedures


Thank you for participating in the Bike Boost Program. This initiative aims to boost cycling infrastructure in the Hampton Roads area as part of our commitment to promoting alternative transportation. Below are the guidelines for the application process, selection criteria, installation requirements, maintenance expectations, and other crucial details for potential recipients of bike amenities.

Site Visit and Review Process

  1. Application Period
    The application period is open annually from May to September. We invite submissions from diverse entities, including:

     2. Review and Selection
TRAFFIX reviews applications between October and December. Our selection committee evaluates each application based on alignment with TRAFFIX goals, impact on commuters, proximity to infrastructure, and other criteria. Successful applicants will be notified by January.

Installation and Event Planning

  1. Installation Responsibility
    Recipients have two installation options:

    • HRT Contractor: We coordinate installation through our contractor.
    • City/Military Staff: Recipients may install on city property/right-of-way with prior approval.
  2. Installation Deadline
    All installations must be completed by April 1st to align with the upcoming season and Bike Month activities.
  3. TRAFFIX Decal Requirement
    To provide users with program information, all amenities must display a TRAFFIX decal with a QR Code prominently.

Maintenance and Repairs

  1. Yearly Maintenance
    Recipients are responsible for yearly checks and servicing to ensure functionality and safety.
  2. Replacement Parts
    Recipients are responsible for procuring and installing necessary replacement parts.
  3. Decal Contact Information
    Maintenance/repair contact information must be provided on an additional decal.

Additional Requirements

Thank you for your commitment to the Bike Boost Program. Together, we’re creating a more bike-friendly community!