TRAFFIX Awarded 2 National Marketing Awards

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) recognized TRAFFIX for its work during an international conference in Orlando, Fla. ACT honors outstanding achievements in the field of transportation demand management.

TRAFFIX won the following two awards:

The Commute Differently Campaign won the Outstanding Transportation Management Association award for increasing the awareness of the TRAFFIX program with 95% growth in website traffic, 2.9 million online ad impressions, an average click-through rate increase of 20%, and a 25% increase in commuter members.

During the pandemic, TRAFFIX partnered with Virginia Department Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) to promote the Telework!VA program to produce webinars with area employers to help them create or improve their telework plans. TRAFFIX and DRPT promoted the Telework!VA program with the goal of encouraging regional employers to reach out to TRAFFIX for assistance in improving or formalizing their telework programs.

The Commuting Options Awards recognizes an exemplary program, policy, or service that promotes trip reductions and mode shift in different categories that include active commuting, public transit, ridesharing, and teleworking. TRAFFIX was selected for the Telework Award.

The marketing campaign consisted of paid search, social media, radio, print, and digital banner ads with targeted messaging for employers. TRAFFIX also joined with the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce to provide a telework webinar to their members.

As result, TRAFFIX held over 45 personalized telework webinars with area employers and reported a 33% increase in telework members in their commuter program, a 179% increase in logged telework days, and more than a 1000% increase in users to the gotraffix.com website.