TRAFFIX Staff Celebrates Earth Day – Part 3


My commute to work began with a early morning greeting from the Ferry Operators at 7:00AM. The Ferry from Portsmouth across the Elizabeth River to Waterside Landing dock, including one additional stop, took approximately 12 minutes. Proceeded on a 6 minute walk alongside of the Sheraton to Commercial and Waterside Drive to catch the 961 bus at 7:54AM. I did become a bit concerned about the bus not arriving at scheduled time; I then checked the HRT website and saw it had been quickly updated to share the bus was running about 10 minutes late due to inclement weather. Bus arrived at approximately 8:35AM. Good conversation with Operator Lenora Parker about her daily route from Hampton to Norfolk and looking forward to her upcoming retirement after 30 years of service with HRT. 3 stops later – I met HRT lead mechanic during a 10 minute layover at the DNTC. One stop later I arrived at 18th and Monticello approximately 8:35AM. Very good commuting experience – without any hiccups!