Support the Local Food Bank While Working from Home

TRAFFIX to match logged teleworktrips with donation as part of Caring Commute

The COVID-19 quarantine has one big advantage – working from home reduces commuting travel to keep our roads safer and congestion free, and to make our air more breathable for everyone. Now there’s a second advantage: You can help raise money for a regional feeding nonprofit simply by logging your telework days.

TRAFFIX has partnered with Agile Mile, which provides the commuter app used by TRAFFIX and other organizations, on Caring Commute, an effort to support community nonprofits. To participate, simply record your telecommute trips in your TRAFFIX account every day you work from home. As users log their work from home and the collective total hits 750 telecommutes, TRAFFIX will donate $750 to the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore.

“It’s so easy – just download the app and begin logging telework days,” said Emily Cass, TRAFFIX Manager. “Users can see right away how many CO₂s they have reduced just by working from home. Together, we can help our neighbors and make a difference in Hampton Roads during these tough times.”

Cass added that the app classifies each telework day as a “non-trip,” which accumulate in the app so that users can earn rewards and be eligible for contests and raffles.

“At Agile Mile, our mission is to reduce climate change and improve mobility, and our tracking app allows commuters to reduce driving and emissions,” said Rick Steele, CEO with Agile Mile. “We’re privileged to partner with TRAFFIX to fulfill our mission in Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore while also helping to feed the needy in the area.”

Record your trips at https://traffix.agilemile.com