TRAFFIX Staff Celebrates Earth Day – Part 4


Today, I used HRT transit services to commute to work. In the morning, I begin with route #41 from Cavalier Manor and made a connection with route #45 at Victory Crossing. I rode route #45 into Norfolk and transferred to the light rail at MacArthur Station. I then moved on to transfer to route #1 or route #3 at Monticello. Unfortunately, I missed this connection and proceeded to walk to HRT, 509 E. 19th Street, Building #4. For my return home, I traveled on route #1 to the Downtown Norfolk Transit Center (DNTC) and shared a short journey with a fellow HRT employee, Rodney Davis. From the DNTC, I transferred to route #45 to Victory Crossing. Once I arrived at Victory Crossing, I transferred to route #41 to Cavalier Manor pulled the yellow string at Greenwood & Strafford and proceeded with my 6–9-minute walk home. Throughout my commute, HRT provided proper social distancing and mask signage for all to see. Commuting differently was not a big challenge, there were unforeseen obstacles and entertaining individuals. But it made for a truly adventurous story to share with family, friends, and coworkers.