Virtual Chamber Education Series: Telework Webinar

TRAFFIX is excited to be a partner in the Telework!VA Program and presenting at the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Virtual Education Webinar on Tuesday, January 20th.

How Telework!VA can help your business with a post-COVID telework strategy.  Plan your transition strategy with expert assistance for “FREE” through Telework!VA… and get Best Practice Tips!

Telework!VA  is a state-wide program providing training for both managers and employees on how to develop, maintain, and effectively evaluate a telework program, including the execution of telework agreements and policies. In this webinar, Telework!VA discusses how you can take advantage of the free assistance and the many benefits of offering telework as an ongoing option. Representatives from TRAFFIX, Commuter Options, the regional commuter assistance program and Telework!VA partner, also discusses

Register at  https://web.hamptonroadschamber.com/events/VirtualChamber%20Education%20Series%20Telework%20Webinar-428/details