TRAFFIX Team Wins Marketing Award

The TRAFFIX team won Best Print Marketing Campaign Award from the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) Chesapeake Chapter 2020 Awards for their “Commute Differently” campaign.

Our “ComTRAFFIX ACT Awardmute Differently” campaign invited current TRAFFIX members to celebrate how they commute – better, smarter, and by logging trips to earn rewards. For potential members, we are encouraging SOV commuters to reconsider how they get to work. Visually, the campaign includes vibrant, modern and upbeat colors. We designed a look and feel and tone of voice that is friendly, straightforward and optimistic. In paid media, we used print ads targeted to employers, encouraging them to learn how commuter benefits can help their employees. Also, a special print ad was created in the midst of the coronavirus, educating and encouraging commuters to log their telework days to earn rewards. Outdoor advertising reached a broader audience of employers, commuters, and shipyard vanpoolers.

We created excitement and expanded our reach by leveraging transit-owned media and establishing regional partnerships to expand our share of voice with free advertising space that made a big splash in Hampton Roads. For example, we wrapped our own vehicle fleet of SUVs/vans. We also wrapped an entire train car thanks to a partnership with The Tide, a light rail commuter train in the City of Norfolk. At the Silverleaf Commuter Center in Virginia Beach, we covered three sides of an 1,800 square foot building with oversized window clings, sharing our message with our target audience every single day of the work week. Lastly, Hampton Roads Transit, Williamsburg Area Transit Authority and Suffolk Transit provided queen bus boards and interior bus advertising at no cost. With the generous support of our partners, we expanded the reach and impact of our campaign.

TRAFFIX gained 1,006 new members, an increase of 14.7% over the previous fiscal year; helping our neighbors achieve smoother, hassle-free commutes. Our environmental success stories include:

Other indications of behavior changing success include:

Our three-month print and out-of-home media buy totaled 5.4 million impressions.