Celebrate Earth Day

TRAFFIX helping commuters ‘green up’ their commutes for Earth Day

NORFOLK, Virginia (April 16, 2019) – This year for Earth Day, TRAFFIX is putting green commuting on the map through its efforts to promote transportation alternatives that help to protect the environment.

TRAFFIX is working to draw attention to its commuter convenience programs and their positive impacts on the environment. TRAFFIX encourages greener ways to get to work, including transit, car pool, van pool, biking and walking. Among its programs: ride-matching, guaranteed rides for commuters experiencing unexpected emergencies, and a rewards program providing discounts to popular area businesses to commuters who log their ridesharing trips.

“TRAFFIX makes it easy to ‘go green’ on your way to work,” said Ron Hodges, director of TRAFFIX. “Transit, car or vanpooling, biking, walking and the rewards program for participating commuters all lead to fewer cars on the road and less pollution, and these programs reduce congestion and lessen the need for expensive road maintenance.”

Participants in TRAFFIX programs use a trip-logging app that allows them to earn rewards and to receive real-time data on how their green commutes are having a positive impact on the environment. The app also shows users how much money they’re saving in commuting expenses, and calories burned for walking instead of driving or riding.

“Our program participants are saving money, earning rewards and making a positive impact on the environment,” Hodges said. “It’s win-win-win.”

In addition, TRAFFIX is working with the City of Norfolk and other sponsors to relaunch the Pace Bike Share program this spring. New this season are options for monthly and yearly plans; participants also enjoy the Pace Bike Share app and a promo code to benefit from $10 off their first few rides. TRAFFIX sponsors a bike station at Waterside District near the ferry landing. Participants pay a small $2 fee for leaving bikes at non-PACE docking stations.

Last year, TRAFFIX helped nearly 12,000 registered commuters enjoy smoother, hassle-free commutes, according to the organization’s 2018 annual report. Other recent environmental success stories, as detailed in the report:

“These are all tangible examples of how TRAFFIX programs help our environment,” Hodges said.