Celebrate Telework Week 2019


TRAFFIX has partnered with the Virginia Department of Public and Rail Transportation (DRPT) to promote Telework! VA on March 4-8, 2019.

TRAFFIX is working to draw attention to teleworking and its commuter convenience programs, which include ride-matching, guaranteed rides for commuters experiencing unexpected emergencies, and a rewards program providing discounts to popular area businesses to commuters who log their ridesharing trips. TRAFFIX also encourages and rewards transportation alternatives including transit, car pool, van pool, biking and walking.

“With all the road construction and existing highway congestion, teleworking just makes sense,” said Ron Hodges, director of TRAFFIX. “And, there’s no better time to call upon TRAFFIX than the Telework! VA teleworking week. It’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to introduce TRAFFIX programs to their staffs.”

Teleworking for even one day a week can provide multiple benefits, which include improving employee morale, decreasing turnover, increasing the pool of prospective employee candidates, decreasing harmful emissions in the environment, and reducing traffic.

Hodges also emphasized that businesses that support commuting alternatives enjoy other benefits including improved workforce wellness, reduced parking demands, and financial savings through tax relief.

Local employers such as Sutherland Global, Amerigroup, Naval Station Norfolk, and Sentara are celebrating with TRAFFIX staff by hosting telework information tables at their locations.

For more information about starting a telework contact, send us an email!